BitcoinFlame, A new world
What is BitcoinFlame?

BitcoinFlame is an encrypted currency created by a computer through a series of calculations. BTCF in short.
Algorithm :Cryptonight

Maximum supply:21,000,000,000

Premine: about 4%

Block time: 60 seconds

Block Reward so far:9512.86
In the world of block chains, we need to do something real ,not just talk big.
Why BitcoinFlame?

We create economic benefits in the process of issuing tokens, but it's rare for the world. What we want to convey is freedom. What we seek is a spirit of decentralization. We know that the government is used to make life better, not oppression. We have no intention of offending the laws and regulations of various countries, and we hope that the government will understand our efforts for human peace.
Everyone's legitimate trading record should not be monitored, trading in Bitcoin Flame is not traceable, and nobody knows where your currency comes from, which protects people's privacy.
Based on Monero and bytecoin, this is just the beginning, not the plagiarism, because our starting point is different, and we want to create a truly decentralized currency. We're not going to split up at will, regardless of the miners'opinions. We're going to build a more democratic community where everyone has a chance to speak out.
Our team is modest, we don't act arrogantly, we don't act ungratefully, we don't want to sell Premine's coins at will, if Mr. Satoshi appears, we'll give him all the premine coins. We are willing to help improve block chain technology, the community is open, we welcome any technical personnel to participate in our development, we are willing to pay.

Offline community
The anonymous transaction function that bitcoin lacks is realized. The transactions you generate on the block are not traceable.
BTC donate:36vHTsf4hJnN6WXwuiHqZ8W8TgfBQN2VNW
please send payments and your BTCF address to our email: and we will give you the rewards